'Autumn Rush’ Chia Seed Breakfast

1 ltr coconut milk

1 cup chia seeds 

1/2 lemongrass crushed 

1 small knob ginger grated

Juice of 2 limes 

1 cup Japanese sencha tea 

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp currants 

1 pear 

3 strawberries 

1 tbsp toasted and crushed pistachios 

1 tbsp toasted dedicated coconut. 



Soak currants in hot Japanese sencha tea for an hour then strain out the liquid keeping the currants.

In a small pot heat up the coconut milk crushed lemongrass and grated ginger to the boil. Bring off the heat. Add juice of limes and leave to cool. 

When milk cooled and infused, Strain milk into a small mixing bowl. Add chia seeds and mix with a whisk occasionally for 15 minutes then leave in the fridge for an hour or preferably overnight. 

To serve take one cup of chia seed mix. Grate half the pear and currants and mix together in a mixing bowl then place into middle of serving bowl. 

Drizzle with honey

Dice up the other half of pear slice the strawberries and place on top of chia seeds. 

Finish by sprinkling the pistachios and coconut over the top.